Software and Digital Proto-Typing

Gone are the days of propose it and they will come. Now entrepreneurs must develop compelling and workable prototypes, show what works and doesn’t, generates customer feedback and helps investors understand – and decide to fund – your vision. And for many start-up projects – the prototype is the make or break component for the success of their endeavor.
The key reasons for the OSC prototype are as follows:

  • Something you can touch and show: It helps validate opportunity. When you wave your arms and describe your future product, sometimes people “get it” – sometime they don’t. With a realistic prototype, you can get more accurate feedback from customers on their real need.
  • Helps flush out your ideas to “reality”: It doesn’t matter how certain you are of your solution, it’s probably not quite right. The act of participating in the design, workflow and final product greatly aids in the knowledge and credibility of your own solution.
And OSC will work with you to develop not just the product but your vision and thus the company:

  • Help quantify the production solution: Many ideas sound great, but we have no idea if they can be implemented. Building a prototype helps bring these key issues to the forefront.. An OSC prototype is a convincing embodiment of your vision.
  • Reduce the time to production and rollout. An OSC prototype will be focused on being an actual pre-production version of the final product. The code that OSC creates will be used in the production product. It is a best practice that OSC has done for many enterprises.

OSC has experience in:

  • Designing realistic prototypes
  • Coding agreed-upon prototype
  • Setting up the hosting environment
  • Designing convincing demos

OSC can be your partner in your start-up in not only the prototype, but the eventual growth and expansion of you enterprise.

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