Identity Management
Identity Management (SSO, Social IDs, Directory, Federation and Provisioning)

IAM spending worldwide has reached over $8Billion in 2015, with estimates of $10.39 billion by 2018. That’s a lot of purchased SSO and provisioning licenses. Unfortunately, not all of these licenses and purchases have met expectations.
Take from a team that was cornerstone in both the design and coding of several products being sold today. The SSO and provisioning license is, at best, just a framework for most environments. What is needed is a skilled team to make these products meet their potential in your environment.
That’s where OSC Technologies come in. The OSC team has experience in custom coding SSO and provisioning projects, in multiple environments, off multiple datastores to multiple devices on various devices.
The CSO IAM team is experienced in:

  • SAML integration with on-premise on cloud applications
  • OAUTH integration with desktop, cloud and mobile applications
  • AD domain to enterprise and cloud applications
  • Directory SSO into mobile, desktop and cloud applications
  • Cross platform (.NET, J2EE) SSO
  • Cross-business SSO to partners, customers and other federated resources
  • AD to cloud provisioning and identity synching
  • AD to SQL provisioning and identity synching
  • Full workflow of provisioning and identity lifecycle
  • Granular and authorized identity migration
  • Identity provisioning and synching across enterprises

The team has worked with many of today’s leading products and is comfortable adapting existing OSC SSO and provisioning libraries to your existing enviornment

To learn more about OSC’s Identity, SSO and Provisioning abilities, call us today at (877)767-4684 or email us at