API Development (SOA, WebServices, Client/Server, Mobile)

Why API?

  • Quick time to market to enable legacy services and implement new services.
  • Stateless architecture to enable mobile, digital, cloud and B2B applications.
  • Standard based approach to ensure application is secured end to end including partner applications.


Typical Challenge

  • Lack of API/SOA strategy and roadmap to meet the demand of quickly evolving mobile and digital needs.
  • Challenge of leveraging & integrating existing in-house services & build new services on the cloud.
  • Challenge of standardizing & securing API for customer facing and B2B applications and keep API flexible while data is protected and meet security and compliance standards.
  • Leverage (not throw away) existing technology investment, e.g. Active Directory/LDAP, Application Firewall, B2B gateway infrastructure, etc. to create an organically evolving ecosystems (Corporate, Customer and partners).


Why OSC?

OSC experienced in implementing highly secure, highly available and reliable API solution on-premises and/or cloud. Each business is unique – we analyze client’s specific business process and make recommendation to address your specific business needs for keeping competitive advantage in the market and/or generating new business by leveraging API technology appropriately.

Security is in our DNA

We are security expert in oAuth, SSO, IdM space and partner with leading API software vendors (IBM, Microsoft, CA, Axway, Apigee, Salesforce, and others) in this space to tailor a right solution for you.

Think Cloud

Our API solution is flexible. On premises or cloud? Your choice. However, we always think Cloud and make sure our solution is cloud-ready. This means two things:

  • You can always choose to move to cloud when you are ready, or stay on-premises
  • Solution is flexible to integrate with public or private cloud service providers

Data Analytics: Big or Small

API layer provides the gateway for customer and partner application integration. There is no better layer to capture interaction data from your user. Our API solution has built-in data integration to ensure critical data is captured securely to support big data analytics. Some cases business may want to capture specific data unique to their industry or business. Our API solution is flexible and extensible to capture “small” data as well with no or little customization.

Business Application: Web, Mobile and IoT

Fundamentally, we build stateless API solution to support business applications.

  • SSO for oAuth and social identity integration for API authentication
  • Mobile & IoT enablement by fast-to-market approach implementing API services on premises and/or cloud.
  • (Quick-to-market approach) Enable legacy services
  • Develop stateless RESTFul APIs