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VPS Comparison: Linode VS DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is inexpensive to AWS EC2. Surprisingly Linode is even 30%-40% cheaper than Digtialocean. Certainly Linode is much less matured to them both. But with reasonable compromise, Linode could be attracting to small business and individuals.

Enclosed is a detail VPS comparison report, based on my hand-on experience.


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Warning: This comparison was done on Sep 2016. There might be dramatic changes as time going. For example, Linode has significantly lowered its price May 2016.

We evaluate different VPS providers, in terms of Stability and Economy. Definitely try to keep TCO (total cost of ownership) as mininum as possible.

To be short:

  • DigitalOcean(DO) is much more advanced and stable for critical envs.
  • Linode(LN) is 30%-40% cheaper with similar machine flavor of DO.
  • I’ve hosted a medium-hot wordpress website for 3 weeks in LN. So far no direct issues related to platform itself.For Linode Server setup, strongly recommend to run this: 9 Useful Tips For Linux Server Security.

Linode VS DigitalOcean For Pricing

  • With the same cost, LN provides 200% memory and CPU, compared to DO. For example, with 0.06/hr, LN provides VM with Linode8192(8GB memory 4 CPU cores); With 0.06/hr, DO provides VMs with 4GB memory 2 CPU cores.
  • Linode gives more bandwidth with the same cost.

LN Pricing on Sep, 2016:


DO Pricing on Sep, 2016:


Linode VS DigitalOcean For Usability

  • LN GUI is a bit ugly and not user-friendly.
  • To start a desired VM, LN takes another 3~5 button clicks.
  • Compared to AWS and DO, LN is missing lots of advanced features.1

Linode VS DigitalOcean For Stability

Though LN provide same SLA(99.99%2) as DO, it’s far less stable and insecure:

  • LN suffers much more DDoS attack
  • LN has more disk storage issues
  • Infrastructure security is less guaranteed. e.g, it lead people to ssh with root password by default.

More Reading: 9 Useful Tips For Linux Server Security.


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