OSC Services

OSC Technologies provides advanced consulting on mission critical projects.

Webinar: Microsoft Azure and Your Enterprise - June 28th, 10am PDT: Architecting a Hybrid Enteprise/Azure Infrastructure

Welcome to OSC

OSC Technologies provides the highest quality IT consulting to satisfy enterprise requirements for online business, cloud and mobile deployment and scalability with an proven security background. OSC differentiate itself through veteran consulting leadership and project management. The hands-on team has a full bencho of 20-year+ veterans that can implement and lead on projects. These consultants are supplemented with cost-effective on-shore and off-shore resources to code, configure and maintain all projects. Today’s enterprises are in need of staff skilled in cloud development and deployment, UX and front end design for mobile and web projects and highly scalable data projects. OSC has these skills. If you are a business owner who wants to renovate your existing IT systems in the cloud age, or you have a great business idea and need some help to implement it, we are ready for you! Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. Our experienced staff will bring you peace of mind.

High Tech

OSC Technologies specializes in creating and augment breakthru technologies for enterprises. We possess vast enterprise experience in advanced engineering, including cryptography, mobile, big data and other key areas. Our team is actively engaged in “game-changing” projects.

Medical & Health Care

OSC has implemented multiple projects for the Health Care industry including that meet the stringent regulatory and reliability requirements of the industry. OSC specializes in creating solution that integrate into existing medical practices and technologies.

Consumer (Retail, Ecommerce)

OSC is experts on creating high-available and secure solutions for the the retail and e-commerce markets. Focus in on UX, ease-of-use and security. All regulatory compliances such as PCI-DSS are met and exceeded.